Automated Cutomisable Emails

Automated Cutomisable Emails

Automated Cutomisable Emails

The Tutor Cruncher system allows you to send out all of your tutoring business emails from one centralized place. You can send invoices, welcome emails, lesson reports, new job alerts, and more from one area.

Multiple Business Email Addresses

You have the option to create a variety of email styles in the system to send out emails. You can use different email addresses for the types of emails that are sent out. For instance, send all of your invoices using or lesson reports from to easily sort your emails by type.


Customize Emails

You have the option to customize your automated emails so that they reflect your personal brand and service. This includes adding your company logo to them.

Automate the Email Process

The automated email process is easy to work with as you can send emails regarding anything you do in the Tutor Cruncher system. Every email will be tracked for your records.


Create Broadcasts

You also have the option to create mass emails for your clients and any tutors you might have hired for your business. This tool allows you to send to everyone or to segmented portions of your marketing list making email marketing easier. Maybe you want to send out a special email offering a new math service to clients that have expressed an interested in this area, and with this tool you can do just that.


Follow Email Campaigns

You can follow the success of your email broadcasts and campaigns along with keeping track of your invoic es being opened using the included email analytics. This tool will also let you see who marks your emails as spam and help you to find better ways to get your emails noticed.