Automated Invoicing & Payroll:

Automated Invoicing & Payroll:

Automated Invoicing & Payroll

Accounting is probably one of the reasons why you’ve waited so long to start your own business venture. It can be a hassle without the right tools. Tutor Cruncher helps you out with your accounting process with these tools.


Accurate Accounting

This system will generate your invoices and payroll for you. It accomplishes this by accessing your completed lessons and other charges and creates an invoice in less than a minute based on this information. All of your accounting will be handled through the system, so you know that your invoices are going to accurate. This will be sure to please your clients.

Personalized Invoices

You can also personalize your invoices so that they are branded with your company information. This means that you can use your logo and company address to create a professional looking documents. You are able to personalize the PDF template’s fields to make it fit your needs.




Stripe is the integrated card payment system for Tutor Cruncher. All you will need to do is create your Stripe account, and you will be ready to start taking credit card payments through this system.


You will be able to see a list of all of your invoices to keep track of those that have been paid and those that are pending payment. This list is able to be filtered by date to see who has been avoiding payment the longest. You are able to send a follow-up email through the automated system to remind clients of past due amounts to help keep you focused on tutoring rather than trying to track down your payments.