Card Payments

Card Payments

Card Payments

Accurate Accounting

You can take credit card payments through Stripe, which is integrated into the system. This will allow you to quickly and easily take payments from clients.



Clients Love It, Too

Your clients will be able to pay their invoice simply by clicking the link that is in the automated email they receive after you invoice them. This payment will mark the invoice as paid without you needing to handle any extra steps.

Save Credit Card Information

Your clients will also love that they can have their card details saved to make future payments. This means that they save time, too. Plus, you are able to give administrators the ability to take payments for the client if the client has previously approved such transactions.



Phone Payments

Payments are able to be taken over the phone by admins to offer convenience to your clients.


With Stripe, your rate may start as low as 2.9 percent along with a per transaction fee of 30 cents in the United States.