Just as words matter when speaking with a client or explaining a difficult concept to a student, your words are important when it comes to quality Internet marketing and search engine optimization. The Rich Tutor copywriting service will help your tutoring business create fresh, unique content that will engage Web     readers and save you time and money.

Effective Copywriting

first Rich Tutor will bring years of experience to writing copy for your tutoring business. The Rich Tutor marketing team uses both Web-based and traditional sales and publicity pieces to create an effective sales funnel, Web site or lead engagement system that will bring users from prospect to customer. They can help to create a unified message that works as well on your Web site and blog as it does in your direct sales letters and press releases.

Content marketing is a valuable tool for generating sales and creating an audience that views you as an authority.

They will get to know you – and your tutoring business – through the information and added value you pro vide. Quality copywriting for your content marketing plan includes a few common elements:

  • Audience research: To attract the most customers, you need to know who will be utilizing your tutoring business and where to find them. Your tutoring services might not appeal to a parent of toddlers but may attract the attention of a young adult struggling with college coursework or a parent or grand parent who wants to help their child improve their grades. Learn about who is in your target audience, and find out where they are getting their information.
  • Focus on your User: Rather than focusing on what your tutoring business will do for them, show potential customers how they will benefit from using your services. Explain to them what they receive, and why your product is superior to others on the market. Your copy should be easy to scan, read and digest, and should avoid overwhelming readers with data and information – leave them wanting more.
  • Call to Action: The ultimate goal for any marketing piece is to encourage your audience to take the next steps. A clear call to action will guide your potential customers to the next logical step that they will want to take on their own. Creating a sense of urgency for your call to action may motivate someone to take action today, rather than next year. Make links available so they can follow the sales funnel.

The Rich Tutor Sales Copy Process

Our direct system makes it easy to educate and engage potential customers, using a proven four-step process that helps to increase your conversion rate.

  • Find the Pain Point: We research why your potential customers are seeking your tutoring business. Hiring a tutor may not be a basic need in life, so appealing to your prospect’s emotional needs through quality copywriting includes showing them how your tutoring business can meet and resolve the pain that is causing the need.
  • second_imageSpell out your Benefits: Prospects want an under standable description of what they are buying before committing to the purchase. The Rich Tutor system will generate copy that explains the components of your business that will change customers’ lives, and how they work.
  • Clear Call to Action: You might have the most compelling copy on the Web, but if it leaves your cus tomers wondering what steps to take next, you might need to re-consider your calls to action. Prospects need to know what steps to take next to receive the benefits you discussed. Typical calls to action may include a link to join a subscriber list, a contact form for more information, or a free consultation to learn more about how your tutoring business can positively affect them.
  • Answer Their Questions: Just like in test-taking, the correct answer brings the best results. If cus tomers have questions or doubts that remain after reading your copy, they are less likely to move for ward, even with an easy-to-follow call to action. Rich Tutor copywriters will put themselves in your cus tomers’ minds to think about and, while writing your copy, will respond to objections your audience might have about making a commitment to your tutoring business.

Integrate Your Marketing

Working with Rich Tutor to market your tutoring business can give you a com petitive advantage. Copywriting is one component in a quality marketing plan, and the Rich Tutor Marketing System can help you develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that accounts for copywriting, social media and traditional marketing avenues like press releases and events.

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