How to Advertise Tutoring and Easily Get Tutoring Clients Right In Your City

How to Advertise Tutoring and Easily Get Tutoring Clients Right In Your City:




How to Advertise Tutoring and Easily Get Tutoring Clients Right In Your City

Tutoring BusinesPerhaps the advice you’ve received in the past about how to advertise tutoring in your city has gone something like this:

  1. “Yay! Just start a blog! If you create good content, someone will find you someday!”
  2. “Make a website! The search engines will pick you up for sure.”
  3. “How about a video? I’m sure it will go viral.”

Let’s get real. While starting a blog or a website can play a significant role in your marketing plan, it has to be done right.

With growing class sizes, it’s becoming more and more difficult for schools to meet the individual needs of their students. By 2017, the private tutoring market is expected to top $100 billion. So, the clients are there – but how do you find them in your city to jumpstart your business?

Define the Subjects You’re Going to Tutor

You’re not only marketing your business, you’re also marketing yourself. You are the subject matter expert. Obviously, you need to figure out what subjects you’re going to tutor. Maybe you’re a regular Doogie Howser (although probably older), and you’re a science whiz, or you’re Hemingway reincarnated and can’t wait to teach English as a second language. You gain credibility by maintaining a strong focus in certain areas.

Determine the Education and Age Level of Your Target Audience

The education or age level of your targeted clients determines who you are specifically marketing to in your outreach. If your clients are younger, focus on reaching out to your students’ parents. If your audience is college level students, target those students directly.

Identify the Size of Your Territory

Once you have figured out what subject(s) you will focus on, who your target audience is, then you are ready to define your territory. This is important because it will help narrow down your advertising market and help you focus on local marketing initiatives.

How To Advertise Tutoring – Traditional Methods:

Tutoring BusinesTypically, traditional marketing methods can be very costly. You’ve got these:

  1. Local radio and TV advertising
  2. Direct mail
  3. Grassroots marketing
  4. Yellow pages advertising
  5. Printed literature

That can be used like this:

  1. Advertise on retail merchandise bags or receipts
  2. Teaching math? Use promotional giveaways like a calculator! Make sure they are relevant to your business
  3. Partner with local businesses that cater to your target student age to offer cross-promotions
  4. Sponsor things within your community like softball teams, school activities, and other community events
  5. Put a sign on your car but be sure to keep your car clean
  6. Post flyers in local libraries, schools, and colleges
  7. Leave printed materials at local coffee houses and community events
  8. Give business cards when requested

Use the Same Online Channels as Your Students

Tutoring BusinesWhile some traditional marketing methods may seem outdated in our world where everything is online, those methods will set the stage for newer marketing models including:

  1. E-Newsletter
  2. Blog
  3. YouTube videos
  4. Asking readers to share your posts
  5. Pay per click advertising
  6. Email marketing
  7. Search Engine Optimization

Content can include:

  1. Offering referral incentives and family or other group discounts
  2. Holding an open house
  3. Offering free short workshops or seminars on your area of expertise

There are countless tutorials out there to assist you with your online marketing needs. Create content in your email newsletter that directs your readers to your blog for more information. Then link your reader to a short training video on YouTube that gives a taste of your teaching style in their desired subject area. Advertise online so your web page can easily be found when clients search for specific keywords.

Use a Healthy Mix of Traditional and Newer Marketing Activities

Tutoring BusinesThere’s no one size fits all solution on how to advertise tutoring. By trying a mix of traditional and new marketing methods, you will be able to find what drives the most business. Be sure to track what is working the best and what is most cost effective.

No matter the channel, make sure your messaging is clear and direct.

Traditional marketing may take a bit more legwork. By going out to local school and libraries, expect a greater initial time investment as you get your name out there. Putting together local ad spots on radio or TV can also be time consuming and expensive. If you can put that together yourself – awesome! Otherwise, you may need to hire experts that can put together a slick ad and know how to buy media spots with the local channels.

Using newer online marketing methods can be more streamlined and easier to reach potential students since everyone is online – parents and older students alike. If you’ve never set up a blog before or never recorded a YouTube video, all it takes is a simple Google search to learn how to do so.

Keep coordinating these initiatives and you’ll give yourself an A+ in finding