Marketing a Tutoring Business….Without Spending a Fortune

Marketing a Tutoring Business….Without Spending a Fortune:




Marketing a Tutoring Business….Without Spending a Fortune

Tutoring BusinessMarketing is an essential component of your tutoring business. It is how you will announce the arrival of your business into the tutoring industry, how you will target potential customers and engage in promotional efforts with your clients. It is also something your competition will pay close attention to so they can try and gain a competitive advantage over you. You can stay ahead of the competition without spending lots of money on marketing.

Promotional Strategies for a Tutoring Business

Identify who belongs in your target market audience and what locations they frequently visit to ensure your promotional marketing is a success. Conducting demographic and psychographic research can help with this task. You will also gain an idea of what factors motivate customers to make an inquiry on tutoring services. Focus your activities around this research.

  • Guidance Offices
    Struggling students who are in need of academic assistance will turn to their school guidance office first. From that point, guidance counselors provide students with information on where to find local area tutors that can help.
  • Tutoring BusinessUse this location to your promotional advantage by visiting schools in your local area and introducing yourself to the guidance office staff. Prepare promotional packets before your visit that includes information about your business. Leave these packets with the guidance offices so they can hand your information out to students seeking tutoring services.

  • Public Libraries
    Parents often turn to their local public library for guidance on how to find academic help for their struggling students. It is also where older students gather on their own to form study groups for homework assignments and projects. Students also use libraries as a makeshift study hall setting.
  • Visit your local library and introduce yourself to the staff in the children’s department and the general library front desk as well. Have a few business cards or flyers handy that you can place on the library bulletin boards. Before posting information on these boards, find out what the library policy is because some libraries may only allow staff to post information.

  • Community Centers
    Local community centers are attractive locations for families that include younger children and teenagers. You also want to check out sports complexes, community pools, and other youth activity organizations in your area. These consist of ideal customers for your new tutoring business.
  • As you visit each location, introduce yourself to staff and leave promotional packets and business cards that staff can hand out to parents who may inquire about any available tutoring services in the area.

Internet Strategies for a Tutoring Business

Tutoring BusinessMaintaining an online presence is a necessity for your tutoring business. Parents with struggling students will turn to the Internet in search of tutoring companies that can help. It also provides you with opportunities to engage with customers through features such as blogs and live chats.

  • Website
    Your business needs to have a website that is easily accessible and provides content information that a potential customer will need to decide whether or not to contact your business. Include your website address on all of your promotional materials, business cards and other relevant information as well.
  • Provide detailed information on all of the tutoring services that you offer, what your hours of operation are and that you are willing to work around a student’s schedule if necessary. Display your social media channels in the sidebar menu of your website to give potential customers the opportunity to learn more information about your business. 

Advertising for a Tutoring Business

Advertising focuses on increasing brand awareness for your tutoring business. You may have to spend a little bit of money on advertising activities to reach as much of your target market audience as possible.

  • Bulk Mail
    Use graphic design software or a printing service to create direct mail pieces such as postcards and brochures. Print out high-quality marketing pieces at an office supply store or printing center and send those out through the post office mailing service. You can send these items out to target market audience members for as little as ten cents per piece. Before sending, decide if you want to target specific zip codes or school district zones.

  • Local Newspapers
    Tutoring Business Create attractive newspaper advertisements with basic graphic design software. Submit your advertisements to local newspapers for publication. Stand out in the educational crowd by creating ads that focus on local school activities. You may even want to consider submitting an advertisement to the local high schools. Many high schools run a student driven newspaper, which is a great opportunity to reach target market customers for your tutoring business.

Each of these activities provides a great starting point for promoting your tutoring business to a target market audience that needs academic assistance. As your business grows, expand your marketing efforts to include other avenues such as social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. These marketing tips can work towards helping you reach that point.