Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission at Rich Tutor is a rather simple one. We want to help aspiring tutoring business owners into inspirational success stories without them having to struggle on their own or fall into the trap offered by franchises.

If you are examining our company today, it may mean that you have also looked into going into business with a tutoring franchise, but our mission is to provide you with a better way.

A franchise does offer an attractive package on the outside: it’s a proven brand that may already be recogniz able by people in your community looking for tutors, and you just have to follow their game plan to achieve success in exchange for a payment to license and a portion of your profits.

A closer inspection helps to dig a little deeper into the truth.


  • Yes, you get their brand to build your business on, but what happens to your business when their brand is dinged or damaged by something completely out of your control? Building your own brand may seem harder at the onset, but overall, you know that your brand will be what you make of it and won’t rely on the actions of others outside of your sphere of influence.
  • Following their game plan to achieve success sounds wonderful, too, but what if you don’t agree with their game plan or it doesn’t really fit the needs of your tutoring students? As a franchise owner, you have to follow the parent company until your lease is over, and that could be a while.
  • You may think that on the outside, this seemingly attractive package does have a pretty steep price tag and they want you to think that this is the only way that you’re going to be able to see success with your tutoring business. Looking deeper into the truth is that the franchise way is not the only way or even the best way of starting your own tutoring venture. Franchises are expensive between paying the licensing fee and monthly fees. Plus, you have to run your business as the franchise dictates, and this can be pretty expensive all on its own. Don’t expect to be able to start small running a tutoring business in your home.


At Rich Tutor, we want to disrupt the industry of overpaid franchisors that are selling tutoring franchises to people like yourself for ridiculous amounts of money. We want to show you that running your own tutoring business can be easy and should be selected over the purchase of a tutor ing franchise since we offer a no-strings-attached business model.

We want to inspire you to be the best tutor that you can be today.



Our vision is that anyone who wants to create a strong tutoring business is giving the opportunity and tools that they need to become more suc cessful in helping to shape the minds of the next generation. Teachers are doing great work with our kids, but they are often not enough as they can be overworked and underpaid. With high class sizes, they often try their best to provide a good education to all their students, but some kids can just fall through the cracks. Tutors are partners in helping these kids find their path into better academic success, and Rich Tutor wants our tutors to be successful with our system.

Our vision is that we can provide the tools and resources that anyone can use to start his or her own home tutoring business.


  • We stand for the retirees that want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.
  • We stand for the parents that want to help their children and others to become better students and prepare for their future.
  • We stand for any individual that wants to make the difference in the lives of our children for a better tomorrow.

We envision a future with a vast community of businesses incorporating Rich Tutor Systems to help them become more effective and profitable.



There are a few key values that Rich Tutor holds dear to our hearts as a company comprised of people with the same familial bonds as you. We are parents. We are siblings. We are children. Our Rich Tutor systems are intended to help you and your family to build a better tomorrow through a successful business that changes lives.

  • We value that you want a business that will help you make profits while feeling good about the sense of fulfillment that you get from helping a student.
  • We value the hard work that goes into building a tutoring business in the projected 102.8 billion dollars global market by 2018 and want to help people make this venture a little easier.
  • We value that children will need excellent tutors to help them find success in their academics and that we can help to make professional tutors stronger by delivering results through the Rich Tutor System.
  • We value that your money is hard-earned, and provide a cost-effective, proven, reliable, and easy system with no strings attached, unlike franchise ownership.
  • We value that you want to become more successful and profitable in the future with your tutoring business.

Our values are that you want to offer a quality product that is proven effective to help others achieve their tutoring business goals on their own time and in their own way.