Opening A Tutoring Franchise? Read The Tutoring Center Franchise Review

Opening A Tutoring Franchise? Read The Tutoring Center Franchise Review:




Opening A Tutoring Franchise? Read The Tutoring Center Franchise Review

Tutoring FranchiseYou want to get involved in a business where you help kids as a tutor and have started brainstorming ideas on how best to run your tutoring business.  It may seem a little overwhelming to start your own business from scratch.  There is another option available to you if you want to bypass going through trying to establish your new tutoring business, and that is getting involved with a tutoring franchise.  A tutoring franchise can be seen as a starting guide to a business.  You will be given the tools that you need to create a new location of an already established business, and can apply this to running your own business.  That means that they teach you how to be successful while letting you take advantage of their brand for brand recognition.  One tutoring franchise that is pretty successful in the United States is The Tutoring Center.

The Tutoring Center Tutoring Franchise

The first location was started in 1994 in Ventura County, California by Dr. Edward S. Thalheimer with the purpose of offering sessions that feature one child with one tutor.  This one on one approach seeks to help children develop better academic skills, better focus, improve their confidence, and improve their study and test taking skills.  This is accomplished by evaluating each child on their particular weaknesses and strengths to help identify where they need the most help through a free diagnostic assessment.

Dr. Thalheimer began rolling out tutoring franchises in 2005.  In 2006, there were six franchises in the United States and one outside of the United States.  In 2013, there were 53 franchises here in the United States and three outside of the United States.  As of 2011, there was no longer any company owned locations of The Tutoring Center, which can lead one to believe that they have now focused their energy on helping their franchise owners succeed.  The fact that they have a rather intensive process to become a franchise holder is a good sign that they are looking for only the best to own their franchise.

The Tutoring Center Franchise

Tutoring FranchiseIn exchange for your investment, you will receive training and opening day support that will help you with setting up and running your business.

You begin the process by submitting an application for a brochure on becoming a franchise holder.  You will go through an interview process, and complete a visit to their headquarters and training facility.  This is followed by another interview to go through any additional questions you may have after the tour.  There is also some assignments that you need to complete to help you decide if this is the right franchise for you, including contacting other franchise owners.  You will have a final interview with the founder, Dr. Thalheimer before being awarded your tutoring franchise.  This is your greenlight to get started with your franchise.

The franchise fee is 32,000 dollars for the franchise that includes a five-mile exclusive territory. You can expect additional start-up costs to be at least 40,000 dollars and up based on your location, equipment, marketing, advertising, furniture, and signage.  Also, there is a flat fee of a thousand dollars a month for the franchise during the franchise agreement, which is often five years.  At the end of five years, you will be able to renew your franchise.


Tutoring Franchise

There are certainly pros to starting your franchise over opening your own business:

  • Application process to weed out those that are not serious
  • Learn from experts
  • Have an already established system in place
  • Have a recognizable brand name to bring in clients
  • Train with the founder
  • Great support
  • Five-mile territory


Probably the biggest con for most people will be the cost, but there are other potential downsides to consider with opening a franchise.

  • Cost
  • Ongoing fees
  • Shorter period between renewals compared to some other franchises
  • Have to follow corporate policies

Bottom Line

Tutoring FranchiseThe fact that The Tutoring Center has been around for so long is an excellent sign.  The fees may be a bit of a deterrent from some looking to get into the tutoring business, but there are many benefits that can be had from participating in this franchise as an owner.  Overall, this seems like a very wise investment for the right individual because of the time and effort they put into their franchise holders to help them to succeed beginning from the start of the applicant until opening day and beyond.

The tutoring field is one that is growing, even in these tough financial times, because parents will always want what is best for their children.  Academics can be hard, and children need help.  Getting involved in the tutoring industry is a very good idea for your financial future.  Whether or not you decide to go with a franchise, the Tutor Center tutoring franchise is an option that deserves your attention to make an educated decision.