Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Rich Tutor is not a company that is unfamiliar with the internet or marketing, as our parent company, Powerhouse Internet Marketing is a firmly established marketing firm that services a wide variety of clients in all different types of niches. Many of these clients included individuals who were looking to build their tutoring business, and this partnership with these individuals helped to create a powerful tool for this niche market.

Rich Tutor Was Born

rich-tuitorThe majority of the tutoring industry clients that we were coming across all had the same needs in that they needed more time, more money, and more customers. This is what caused them to turn to us for help, and we were able to brainstorm a way that our tutoring clients could get just what they needed.

This is where we started designing a suite of products that were specifically aimed at helping our tutoring clients with making more money by attracting more tutoring clients and being more efficient with their time.

Efficient tutors = more clients in a weekly schedule = more money coming into the business.

The Rich Tutor System is really that simple in methodology. We’ve worked with a large number of tutoring businesses to get them to maximizing that equation. Our system is comprised of the Rich Tutor™ Starter, Pro fessional, and Platinum systems. These different level systems will provide you with comprehensive guides of how to get your tutoring startup going strong and tutoring business strategy guides that have been built over our many years experience helping tutors.

Available Guides Include:


  • Your Business Startup Guide
  • our Guide For Tutoring And Learning Strategies
  • How To Hire Train & Manage Tutors
  • How To Start Your Online Tutoring Business
  • Your Manual For Social Media Marketing

The guides received will depend on the package purchased, and are all jam-packed with the information you need to be successful in starting your tutoring business.

Other Services


We also offer other services that can be added to your package purchase or purchased separately.

  • Rich Tutor websites with standard or premium design packages that get your business noticed online to bring in new clients. A professional looking website helps to instill more confidence in parents looking for a tutor.
  • Rich Tutor panel features ways to make your scheduling, finances, communicating, and reporting easier for your business. This is the perfect way to manage your tutoring business clients in a one-stop information center.
  • Rich Tutor marketing services feature all of the latest marketing trends, pay per click, social media, SEO, email marketing and ad retargeting. Since our parent company is a well-established marketing firm, you know you’ll get the best of both worlds by working with Rich Tutor for all your business marketing needs.
  • Some more established tutoring businesses may not see the immediate value in purchasing a Rich Tutor™ system, but may be delighted with one of our other services.

The guides received will depend on the package purchased, and are all jam-packed with the information you need to be successful in starting your tutoring business.

Why not go With a Franchise?


Yes, there are tutoring franchise opportunities out there that you could decide to go with when it comes to getting a solid founda tion for your tutoring business, but Rich Tutor offers a great deal of cost savings and peace of mind over a franchise.
With a franchise, you will need to pay a franchise fee, pay monthly fees, and have to pay a renewal fee after your franchise term is up in exchange to use their branding and business techniques. Rich Tutor is a much better alternative.

Why is Rich Tutor a Better Alternative


With Rich Tutor, you are going to be able to avoid the pitfalls of a tutoring franchise. You will be able to start up and manage your own company for about a tenth of the cost of that initial franchise fee along with being able to have full control of your company and no monthly fees.

Starting a franchised tutoring business can be a lengthy process as business can be a lengthy process as some may make you go through an application process, deal with lawyers, other hassles. Rich Tutor allows business owners to get their business.
up and running within just a few weeks.

Why Use Rich Tutor?

You may be wondering why you should use Rich Tutor over other services or using a franchise, and the reason boils down to being able to use our expertise without being taken advantage of financially. As our parent company knows marketing and the Internet, we’ve learned what it takes for a tutoring company to be successful. Rich Tutor knows exactly what does work and what doesn’t when it comes to bringing in more customers to working more efficiently. We can help you to reduce the headaches that come from the management of a tutoring business.

Contact us today to get started. We’d love to give you insights on how our products and services can make your tutoring business a long-lasting and successful venture.