Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

If you’re ready to drive traffic to your tutoring website through Google search, then it’s time to set up an Ad Words campaign. However, you’re not going to get an effective campaign just by handing Google your credit card number and hoping for the best.

Getting your tutoring business off the ground will require money spent on marketing, and we want to be sure you’re getting the best results for your money. If you’re making any of these AdWords advertising mistakes, you probably aren’t seeing the results you want:

  • Ineffective call to action statements that don’t convert readers to customers.
  • Copy that doesn’t pre-qualify your prospects.
  • Keyword research and targeting that causes your message to reach the wrong audience

pay_oneMarketing should be seen as in investment in your bus iness, and we want to help you invest your money wisely. Rich Tutor’s Pay Per Click management service can help you improve your AdWords campaigns, or we’ll help you develop a brand new strategy from the ground up.

We’ll put you at a big advantage over other tutoring busi nesses thanks to our complete knowledge of the tutoring industry. Rich Tutor will work with you to create sales copy optimized to your prospective clients, and we’ll optimize your conversion rates and implement split testing to help you reduce your PPC costs and increase your profit.

Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid to Save Money and Increase Profits

pay_two If you’ve been running your AdWords PPC campaign on your own, you might be making these mistakes already. Before you invest your money in PPC marketing, contact Rich Tutor to make sure you’re implementing the most ideal strategy for your tutoring business.
Here are the most common mistakes people make with their AdWords campaign:

  • Inadequate Keyword Research: Targeting incorrect keywords is one of the most common, and most costly, AdWords mistakes. You might be paying money for keywords that aren’t attracting quali fied buyers.
  • Bad Keyword Selection: The keywords you choose depend on your research. Even if you’ve identi fied the best keywords, you could be grouping them together in the wrong way or using the wrong key word matches. Thanks to our experience, we know the best keyword combinations to reach your future tutoring clients.
  • No Split Testing: When you’re targeting people who don’t know you or your tutoring company, split testing is necessary to convert prospects into tutoring clients.
  • Poor Ad Copy: There’s a difference between writing ads to get clicks and writing ads to pre-qualify prospects and set expectations. We know what words to use, so you don’t waste money on your ads.
  • No Long-Term Customer Value Optimization (CVO): Rich Tutor’s marketing services don’t stop once you attract prospects. We’ll maximize customer value with sales funnel solutions that turn your prospects into long-term tutoring clients.
  • Inaccurate Expectations: While AdWords and PPC campaigns can be incredibly profitable, one strategy doesn’t always meet your revenue goals. Rich Tutor will help you determine which marketing strategies will allow your tutoring business to be the most profitable.
    These are just a few of the AdWords mistakes that are easily and commonly made if you’re not an expert in PPC. Rich Tutor’s marketing experts can help you avoid these mistakes, so you don’t waste money on your advertising efforts.

Let Rich Tutor Develop an Ideal AdWords Campaign for Your Tutoring Business


Between our extensive tutoring industry experience and marketing knowledge, we can optimize your AdWords strategy with profit in mind that converts traffic into paying tutoring clients.

We don’t need to stop at a PPC strategy. At Rich Tutor, we have a full suite of marketing services that we can use to build relationships with your clients, generate more sales, and attract organic traffic to your tutoring business’s website with an integrated marketing plan.

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We’re happy to discuss your goals for your tutoring business and how we can help you reach them with an effective marketing strategy.

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