Rich Tutor Marketing

Rich Tutor Marketing

Rich Tutor Marketing

Are you ready to get your tutoring business off the ground, but you just can’t seem to get much website traf fic, phone calls, or any other contact with potential clients? You might need to take a look at your marketing strategy. If you don’t have one in place or yours doesn’t seem to be effective, you’re in the right place.

Rich Tutor Marketing is a monthly marketing plan that will drive customers, both current and potential, to your Rich Tutor Website. Depending on your budget and your needs, we offer a variety of services to increase your online visibility and get you the business you deserve. We offer the following services:

Pay Per Click Marketing

rich-tuitorPay Per Click Marketing refers to the practice of advertisers paying a fee each time a user clicks on one of their advertisements. These advertisements appear towards the top of the search engine results based on the keyword that a user is searching for at the moment. The fees associated with pay-per-click marketing are minimal in comparison to the income potential.

For example, you might pay $4 per click for an advertise ment offering 10 percent off your tutoring service. That ad vertisement results in over $200 worth of new client busi ness coming your way. Your pay-per-click advertising fee is well worth the profit margin increase.

Knowing what keywords to add to your tutoring business website content can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in and bring our extensive tutoring industry experience along for assistance. We know exact ly what keywords or keyword phrases attract the attention of potential customers. Our marketing depart ment will work with you to create website content centering on these keywords and developing a pay-per-click campaign for Google, Bing and smaller search engines like

Rich Tutor will work with you every step of the way to ensure your business’s goals are being met, and you’re getting the results you want.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


We’ll get your name at the top of the search results using Bing, Google, and a number of other search engines. Rich Tutor works exclusively with tutoring companies and fran chises, so we have complete knowledge of which key words your potential clients are searching for, and we can direct those clients straight to you.

Where PPC gets you placed at the top of ad results, an effective SEO campaign moves you up in the organic search results. Web sites on the first page of search results receive 95% of the traffic, so by moving up, you’ll see significant increases in qualified traffic to your site.

The people SEO targets are actively looking for the services you provide, so this cost-effective method of marketing can also give you an incredible return on investment by driving ideal customers to your site.

Social Media Advertising


Students who need tutoring and their parents are all active on social media these days, so it’s a great place to focus some of your advertising. Rich Tutor’s marketing team will create attention-grabbing content and ads to display to your target audience on these platforms, specifically Facebook and Twitter.

With the specific targeting Facebook and Twitter ads allow, we’ll use our knowledge of the demographics, keywords, and interests, among other fac tors, of the people looking for tutors to deliver your ads to your ideal audience.

Social media advertising allows you to effectively reach your mobile audience, and you’ll build customer loy alty through a Facebook business page and Twitter account. Social media allows for interaction with your au dience, so you can learn more about your potential customers and implement that into future advertising campaigns.

Ad Retargeting (Remarketing)


Have you ever noticed that after you visit a website you see advertising for them everywhere else you go online? This isn’t a coincidence – it’s called ad retargeting, and we can implement it for you.

Your potential customers will be served with reminders of your business throughout their time browsing the web. You’ll be targeting an audience who has already shown interest in your business with ad remarketing.

Custom Email Marketing


While most of the other types of marketing work to drive traffic to your website, email marketing focuses on people who have already visited you and done something like signed up for a newsletter or opted-in to your email list some other way.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent, the average ROI is $44.25. Email marketing targets people who want to hear from you, so it’s a great opportunity to convert potential clients into paying customers.

Automated email campaigns have been shown to have great conversion rates and results. With our expertise in the tutoring business, we know the subject lines that will get your emails opened and the offers and verbiage to use in your emails to get people to take action.

With a well-rounded marketing campaign from a company who knows the tutoring industry inside and out, you’ll see results in the form of increased website traffic, leads, and conversions.