Rich Tutor Panel

Rich Tutor Panel

Rich Tutor Panel

Learning to effectively manage your tutoring business is crucial to your company’s success, but handling the daily ins and outs of operations can often feel overwhelming, complicated and burdensome. Rich Tutor Panel is the key component you will need for the administration of your new tutoring business. To provide you with the most up-to-date, user-friendly program we have joined forces with TutorCruncher, a compre hensive system to manage your employees, clients and business expenses.

How will this help my tutoring business?

panel-image-onePartnering with TutorCruncher allows Rich Tutor Panel to provide you with the features you will need to offer your clients quality service, your tutors a quality work environ ment, and your business a time-effective operation model.


Providing your tutors, both employees and self-employed, with invoicing and payment collection services will en hance your relationship. Tutors will be able to focus on the tutoring component of their job, rather than collecting finances, and will able to provide better service. Clients will respond to the heightened attention to detail during tutoring sessions and will appreciate Stripe, a streamlined card payment system offered by Tutor Cruncher to pay for the support given by your tutoring business.

TutorCruncher also automatically generates invoices and payslips, ensuring that your tutors are paid correct ly and on time.


panel-image-twoTutorCruncher allows administrators to create profiles and access levels for administrators, tutors, and clients, which allows for customized, color-coded lessons and sched ules. Not only can you use TutorCruncher to schedule appointments and sessions, but you can use the profiles and pre-built filters to find the right tutor for each customer. Updating your job board will let your tutors apply for jobs, saving you time and resources.

Enhanced Communication


E-mail is a prominent way to stay in touch with your customers. Tutor Cruncher has a customizable, automated e-mail system that will allow you to quickly reach your clients and tutors from your business e-mail address. Also included are analytics, so you can assess each campaign to see who is opening them, who is not, and how to improve your next e-mail.



Knowing where you’re going will be easier when you can track where you’ve been. TutorCruncher offers a sophisticated reporting system that will provide you with in-depth, easy-to-read reports that track revenue breakdowns by subject, teaching level and time period. The program also offers options to charge value added tax to the margin or commission, if you choose to charge tax.



A leading reason Rich Tutor partnered with TutorCruncher was for the flexibility the product offers. The Cloud-based system provides greater security and allows for use across multiple platforms and operating systems, and offers fields customizable to your tutoring business. The system is also available in five languages, providing multi-lingual support for English-, French-, German-, Spanish-, and Chinese-speaking clients.



TutorCruncher is a Cloud-based platform created and de veloped by tutors themselves after struggling to find the best way to invoice their clients. Since the 2012 product launch, their team of developers has continued to incorpo rate more than seven years of tutoring experience and 18 straight months of product development to update the TutorCruncher program and bring clients a comprehensive system for all aspects of their businesses.

The partnership was the perfect compliment to the Rich Tutor package of products. TutorCruncher designed their product to address the challenges facing the administration of a private tutoring business – bringing added benefit to the Rich Tutor pre-built system.

The Rich Tutor pre-built system of consulting products has been formulated to set your new tutoring busi ness up for success, giving you access to everything we know about owning, operating and running the com pany. Integrating each specially developed component provides your business with a rich, multi-faceted business model.

  • Rich Tutor Systems includes everything you need to get started – guides to business startup, aca demic worksheets and learning strategies. You’ll learn how to be the best employer for your group of tutors, along with understanding background checks and managing the finances.
    You’ll work directly with our in-house technology department to create your Rich Tutor Websites, tailor ing a unique Website that will stand out. We also offer hosting services.
  • Rich Tutor Marketing helps you let everyone know about your new business venture. Our digital marketing department can help you identify your target audience, plan events, and reach potential cus tomers. The guides included with Rich Tutor Marketing will also help you manage social media and electronic communications.
    Learn from our experience and put our expertise to work for you. Contact us today to learn how the Rich Tutor pre-built system will teach you to get going on your tutoring business.