Sales Letter One – Stage 6

Sales Letter One – Stage Six

I’m Achieving My Goals and Am Ready For the Next Challenge

Do you find yourself in this position on a regular basis?

Your tutoring business is a successful venture and you have a steady stream of income and clients coming through your doors. There are a few large scale goals that are weighing on your mind and you aren’t quite sure how to make those dreams a reality quite yet.

At the same time, you are looking for inspiration and a challenge that motivates you to maintain a level of engagement within the tutoring industry.

How we can help:

At this stage of your business, the focus should be on having fun and finding support within your networking circle to endure the next challenge that will allow for your business to continually grow.

Our Rich Tutor – VIP Platinum Elite Program provides you with this opportunity by bringing you in contact with an elite group of entrepreneurs in the tutoring industry that know exactly what you are facing because they have been there themselves. The networking circle reach expands across the globe.

The VIP Platinum Elite Program functions as a members only program and requires the receipt of an invitation to join other business owners in the exclusive club.

To learn more about our VIP Platinum Elite Program, fill out the information form so that we can gain an idea of how we can best provide assistance to you and your business.

Thank you for your time,

Justin Crabbe