Sales Letter Two – Stage 1

Sales Letter Two – Stage One

I Want to Work for Myself

Is this a statement that stays on your mind?

You enjoy working with students to help them overcome academic challenges. However, you are wondering if that enjoyment is enough to venture into owning your own business.

You have an interest in opening a tutoring business and working to make it grow so that it can become your full time employment opportunity.

How we can help you:

At this point in the game, having a creative vision and motivational drive to succeed are the two foundational skills that you need. Each works to establish a path of success in the tutoring industry.

Our RT-PROFESSIONAL™ System gives you the tools necessary to take your tutoring business to the next level in the tutoring industry. You will learn how to pinpoint what you aim to achieve with your tutoring business. We share inside industry knowledge that comes from our personal experience in the tutoring market.

By participating in our Professional System you will receive tools that help you do the following:

  • Learn how to set your price structure by analyzing industry trends and conducting market research.
  • Identify the steps you need to take to select a business name and register that name and business with the appropriate target market audience.
  • Learn how to work with your clients to create effective work habits that ensures academic success.
  • Gain access to worksheets and forms that are proven to help your students find success.

You also receive access to our cloud basedtutoring business management system that helps you effectively manage your tutoring business from anywhere with an internet connection. Work with our technical support team to design a standard website that gives you an eye-catching tutoring business website. Start taking payments the day you open for business with our online payment processing integration system that comes as part of this package.

You can learn more about how our Professional System will get your tutoring business off on the right track by filling out the form below and we will get to work helping you find success as a tutoring business owner.

Thank you for your time,

Justin Crabbe