Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Lowdown on Tutoring Business SEO

saerch_image_oneMaximizing your SEO means that you will receive more organic traffic to your tutoring business’ website and the potential for more customers without having to pay for ad vertising.

You will find that search engine optimization is rivaling cus tomer referrals as the primary way that new prospects and customers are brought into your tutoring business. The Internet is changing the way that tutors like yourself can operate. In the past, your current customers would develop a relationship with your business, and pass on your details to friends and family members that could use your services.

Local referrals from pleased clients and local advertising were the best ways for tutors to drum up business in the past.

Times Have Changed

search_icon_oneThe Internet not only makes it possible for you to keep in touch with long-dis tance relatives or tutor a client a town over, but it has changed how people are interacting with businesses when it comes to purchasing a product or using a service.

Search Engines Are The New Yellow Pages

search_icon_twoPeople no longer rely on a phone directory to find a local business to help them with a task, but they go online and see what they can find on the Internet. The same is true for your tutoring business. Clients may or may not interact with others who are in need of your service, but there will always be someone online who desperately needs a tutor for themselves or their child.

Google Has Become Main Street

saerch_image_twoThe strip of businesses that typically line Main Street in a town has learned to adapt to these changes in how people interact with businesses today, and your tutoring business cannot afford to ignore how times have changed.

You are probably guilty of using Google to find services that you want to use or items you want to buy, and the ease of shipping today makes it so much simpler to order online then try to track things down in the store.

Did you know that businesses that show up in the top 10 of search results will be the ones getting over 90 percent of the traffic from users doing the searches? You may want to consider exactly where your tutoring business shows up in these rankings.

Is It Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?

You need to keep these facts in mind when it comes to search engine ranking and how it relates to customer generation.

  • 94 percent of users searching for a company based on keywords related to your tutoring business will select a website to visit that shows usually on the first page of the results that are found in their search.
  • 6 percent of organic traffic will search beyond the second page and further. That means if your tutoring business is not in the sweet spot of the first section of results, you are missing out on about 94 percent of potential clients for your business.
  • Furthermore, 34 percent of users will select the first link they see on the results page. 17 percent will go to the second link. 3 percent of clicks will go to the tenth result on the first page.
    Considering this information, it is almost criminal to allow your tutoring business to show up lower in search results.

Help Us Help Your Business Grow


We understand that SEO marketing is an important marketing strate gy for your local tutoring business to have in place, but our company offers more than this marketing strategy for your business. We un derstand that SEO is not the end-all be-all of marketing, and want to help you find that perfect balance of marketing through organic searches and other methods to turn those prospective customers into loyal clients. We offer conversion rate optimization, copywriting services, and sales funnel development to give you the maximum value of our services.

Our services are less costly than more traditional methods of marketing, and we offer the most effective methods of getting you a higher return on your investment. You can double, triple, and even quadruple your profit thanks to our marketing services.