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Social Media

Once your Rich Tutor business is ready to go, you may feel like you want to shout it from the rooftops. Don’t just stop there, though – try shouting it from your social media pages. A 2015 Internet user survey found that 28 percent of the time these individuals spent online was on social networking sites. The best way to build your audience is to invest in advertisements where your audience spends time, and right now, social media is the place to be.

Our unique Rich Tutor Social Media marketing plan leverages your time and finances to build your brand and increase your presence on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

More than Selfies

Most social networking sites were propelled to popularity by younger audiences, but adults are growing as primary users. More than half of the adult population is on Face book, and nearly one in five of all adults are on Twitter.

These adults are liking, sharing and spreading information and photos at an enormous rate; we will teach you to make shareable status updates that help you build relationships with your leads.

Why Your Tutoring Business Needs to Be on Social Media

Social media is here to stay, and with many age groups noticeably increasing Facebook and Twitter usage, your tutoring business can take advantage of the many unique marketing opportunities social media offers.

  • Better brand recognition and greater brand loyalty: By creating an advertising approach that integrates multiple platforms, users will not only have a higher chance of finding you for the first time but will increase their engagement with your brand. Studies have shown that companies engaging with cus tomers on social media report higher customer loyalty.
  • Greater conversion opportunities and rates: Every post or picture offers your followers a chance to take action: signing up for a newsletter, visiting your site, commenting or simply sharing. Learn more about your audience, tailor your posts and tweets, and watch your followers and friends become customers and brand advocates.
  • Improve your Interactions: You will be able to respond immediately to questions or comments social media followers have about your tutoring business, and other users will be able to see how you follow-up. Social media gives you a better way to engage and get to know your customers than tradi tional advertising.

The Rich Tutor Multi-Channel Approach to Increasing Your Tutoring Business

Rich Tutor will help you craft posts that catch the attention of social media users, but our four-pronged ap proach will hone in on the ideal audience for your tutoring business.

  • Tracking and Targeting: Rich Tutor will use a tracking pixel strategy to get greater details about your audience’s reaction to your social media marketing. We will take a look at the different advertising options offered on each networking site, and combine the precise pinpoint targeting with logical, afford able options that will maximize your advertising investment by generating higher conversation rates for less than a traditional pay-per-click or set-in-and-forget-it ad campaign.
  • Building Your Base: By incorporating tracking pixels, Rich Tutor can learn more about the individu als exploring your Web site, making purchases, or interested in your tutoring business based on their page views and the time they spend on each page. With this information, we can use our extensive knowledge of Facebook’s tracking technology to seek out those specific demographics and grow your audience.
  • Become the Authority: Customers are much more likely to purchase a product or service from someone they view as an expert, Rich Tutor will help you create the perfect mix of organic shares and paid advertising to increase your reach and give you the best possible results. Your tutoring business will grow as social media users have more opportunities to interact with and learn from you.
  • Individualized Planning: Rich Tutor’s marketing specialists will work with you to develop a custom ized plan tailored to your tutoring business. No one company is the same- so why should you have cookie cutter marketing plans? Our custom approach will help you match your audience’s needs with your brand message to provide the best possible service to the greatest number of social media users.

Getting Started on Social Media


Rich Tutor will sit down with you to learn more about your goals and plans for your tutoring business. Whether you want to increase your number of customers, learn more about converting your social media leads to customers, or discuss an integrated market ing approach that uses several different platforms to share your message, Rich Tutor’s will apply years of experience to help you make the most of your Facebook and Twit ter accounts.

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