Standard Website Design

Standard Website Design

Standard Website Design

Rich Tutor offers two different website design packages for our clients as we know not every tutoring business is run the same. Continue reading to learn more about our Standard and Premium Website Design Packages to see which may serve your needs the best.

Standard Website Designs

Remember that you can purchase a Rich Tutor Website Design Package without having to purchase any other Rich Tutor products if you so choose. Our website packages blend wonderfully with our other products, or you can add it to your existing business today without worry.
This package is exactly what startups, freelance tutors, small teams of five or less, and other individuals that want a website as soon as possible that is affordable for their tutoring business.

Optional Add-Ons

You may also add any of the following for a small fee to your website design package:

  • Whiteboard
  • Drawing features
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Text Features


add_one_iconThis package is perfect if you want to start right away with just having an online presence for clients to find you or if you want to do more online tutoring for your clients.
You can customize your website to fit your particular tutoring needs. Why pay for features that you’ll never use? This package lets you get what you need for your business at a more affordable price.

Turnaround Time

As this package starts with templates, you can generally expect a fast turnaround time from beginning to the end of getting your website online. This package is typically up and running in under a week meaning that you will be able to start marketing it quickly and get on your way to growing your business online.