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Test Prep Tutoring Services

Tutoring BusinessWhen you look up test prep in Google, you’re probably inundated with websites and software programs that promise to get students passing grades on whatever standardized testing they need to take to get into their favorite university or college program.  It may seem impossible for a tutor to get anywhere with offering test prep tutoring services, but that isn’t necessarily the case.  Yes, there are a million programs out there, but think about what makes your tutoring service unique: you.

What You Offer: Human Touch

As a tutor, you have a lot to offer your students that they can’t get from those websites and software, a human.  A human that can personalize tutoring sessions to tailor fit their particular needs.  A human that can help them see the light at the end of the tunnel from all their hard work who will let them know that they’re doing an excellent job.  You have a lot to offer over an impersonal program or huge class of students cramming for the same test with one teacher to help them all.  For many students, you can’t put a price tag on how valuable your help and support will be for them during your test prep sessions.

What You Offer: Realistic Expectations

Tutoring BusinessReading over many of these websites that could be seen as your competition, you may find that many of them are stressing perfect scores or guaranteeing a high score, but you have something better to offer in realistic expectations.  It’s not realistic for every student to believe that they can get a perfect score, and for some students, thinking that they are going to score in the top percentiles might not be realistic either.  There is nothing wrong with attaining average scores or striving for the score necessary to get into their school of choice, so it may be up to you to help alleviate some of the stress they may be feeling to achieve a score that could be out of their reach.  Often, once they have a more realistic expectation to aim for, they’re better able to study for the test.

What You Offer: Study Resources

Another thing that those websites and software don’t offer to your tutoring clients for test prep is study resources.  Sometimes, it’s not knowing what the materials will be on the test, but effectively tackling studying for the test.  Your students may not know the best way to go about studying for the standardized test that they are taking, and without your help, they may fail to study in an efficient or effective manner that causes them to do poorly on their test.  You will be able to help the student create a long-term plan that will help them start studying now, and work towards their testing date without needing to spend long nights cramming as much studying that they can get in.  Cramming has been proven to be an ineffective method of studying, and can actually harm the student’s chances of getting the score they’re aiming to get on the test.  This can not only include how to work towards your test date but time management during the test and finding ways to eliminate careless mistakes.

What You Offer: Identifying Weaknesses

Tutoring BusinessMost people are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about their strengths, but they may be extremely uncomfortable when the conversation turns towards their weaknesses.  It can be hard to face your weaknesses, and for your tutoring students, this is something that needs to be done.  Those online websites and software may show the student where they are missing questions on their practice tests, but they may not be able to really help the student identify their weaknesses.  As their tutor, this is something that you can help work with them on during your sessions.  In some cases, it may be that your student is having a hard time understanding what the test is asking them to do or is unclear on the way that the question is worded.  Going over this information will help them with this content that they struggle with, and then let them move on to other areas that can be seen as weaknesses as the test date approaches.

It may seem like there are impossible odds to you being able to have a viable tutoring business that offers test prep to students, but don’t underestimate what you’ve got to offer to your potential students.  You can offer that personal touch that can’t be found through a website or software, help them with setting realistic goals that reflect their particular needs, give them studying resources that help them focus on better test taking skills, along with helping them to identify any weaknesses that they may have with the content of the tests.  These are all huge benefits that can be found from your services over your faceless corporate competitors.