C. Owens

Brunswick, NE

Your company has been nothing short of amazing to work with and the level of customer support you provide has been second to none. I am thankful for having come in contact with your organization and greatly appreciate how quickly you always respond to my questions and concerns.


S. Braxton

Minneapolis, MI

My Ultimate tutoring package just arrived, and I am overwhelmed with the amount of value that it contains. There appears to be at least $5,000 worth of materials in this package, and I paid a fraction of that price without having to sacrifice the incredible value of the materials. Thank you for providing me with an affordable option to pursue my dream.

N. Lyons

Lakeland, FL

Your Business Startup Guide has exceeded my expectations. As a magnet school consultant and charter school teacher/principal, I appreciate others who take the time to provide top-quality educational materials for those looking to expand their knowledge. Every course material piece that I received is detailed, from the marketing strategies to the profit statements and all other relevant administrative documentation in between. I am a big fan of your Guide to Tutoring & Learning Strategies as it provides incredibly valuable information on communication with clients, handling student report cards and how to run my tutoring business so that I obtain a positive profit margin right from the start. I love how you take the time to provide example forms, so I know how to use each one. I am thankful for your organization.

H. Buffington

Cuba, NY

Let me start by extending a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to your business for everything that I received in my startup kit. It is evident through the Rich Tutor Elite System course materials that a significant amount of thought and planning went into the packet that I have in my hand. Electing to receive guidance from your company will work to benefit myself and the clients that my tutoring business will serve.

S. Murphy

Auburn, AL

My information kit arrived last night, and I have not been able to put the packet material down. Every piece of paper I read provides more value than the paper before it and the quality of information is impressive. I am only halfway through the packet and already know that I will be placing an order soon for more materials. You are a blessing to the tutoring industry. Anyone looking to venture into self-employment needs to contact your business as soon as possible.

E. Peaslee

Los Angeles, CA

Your K-12 assessment packet in the Rich Tutor kit has given me tremendous value. Before finding your business, I searched high and low for assessment information and could not find everything in one product. Your customer service is beyond what I could expect from a business these days. Thank you so much for always being willing to go out of your way to help answer my questions or provide additional information.

D. Washington

Rockville, CO

Having my own tutoring business has always been a dream of mine. The startup research was overwhelming, so I put off becoming an entrepreneur. Then I came across your company and made the decision to purchase your start-up kit. That was the absolute best decision I have made for my business. Everything I need to start my tutoring business is in your valuable kit. I can’t thank you enough for helping entrepreneurs like myself and wish you continued business success.

T. McKinley

Crete, GA

The knowledge that I gained through putting the practices outlined in your Rich Tutor kit to use in my interviews paved the way for success. Each of my interviews was fantastic, and I am hopeful for positive results. As I work to take my business one step further, I utilize the techniques your services taught me and I know, without a doubt, that the Rich Tutor program is a wise investment choice.

M. Waterman

Steger, IL

Your organization has been nothing short of a blessing to me. Before coming in contact with you, I was lost as to what direction to take or what avenue to pursue regarding my business options. I will continually pray that you and your family receive an abundance of blessings. Your help has put me on the track towards achieving my goals by the end of spring.


San Antonio, TX

As a veteran teacher, I thought I had all of the skills and knowledge I would need to provide tutoring services to struggling students. My startup business research proved that I was incorrect in that line of thinking. Bookstore visits and Internet searches had me coming up empty handed and feeling defeated. I was about to give up my dream of running a tutoring business, and then I came across your organization. Your Rich Tutor kit has saved my dream. I can’t thank you enough for restoring my hope in being a business owner and helping students achieve success at the same time.