Tutor & Client Profiles

Tutor & Client Profiles

Tutor & Client Profiles

Client Profiles

As the administrator, you can decide who can do what with the system. You can create profiles for your         clients that they can use to log into the system. This will allow them to see their invoices, lesson reports, and other pertinent information for their account.



Tutor Profiles

Once your business gets off the ground, you may want to hire some tutors to assist you with your clientele. You can have any tutors that you work with sign up and create their own profiles.





Their profile can contain information on their qualifications, such as past experience or education. They can also list what they are proficient in tutoring. This will help you to best match your students with the right tutor. They can even upload documents, such as CVs or certificates. This information is all customizable by you. Tutors will be able to see what information they are missing based on what fields you require, and complete their profile fully based on that missing information.