Tutor-Student Matching

Tutor-Student Matching

Tutor-Student Matching

After you’ve gotten your tutoring business going strong, you may find that you don’t have enough hours in the day to handle all of the tutoring clients coming your way. Getting help is the most effective way to go forward. The Tutor Cruncher system can help with that as we have made it very simple to add tutors to your business.

Our system will even allow you match your tutors to your students based on the needs and qualifications.


Tutors will be asked to have completed profiles that will include their information on what subjects they are comfortable to tutor in, and you can filter the tutors available by the subject or subjects needed by the new client.


Open Up Available Jobs

You can even create a job board for your tutors that will let them request jobs that come available.


Your jobs that are open for application can have specifics skills needed to apply that you can select to best fit the tutor with the tutoring opening. For instance, you can specify if they have a degree or experience teaching advanced chemistry to best match the student.



You can even send notifications to your tutors when new jobs are available. They will get an email with a link to the application. This makes it quick and easy for the tutors and helps you get a tutor matched with the new student quickly.

Notifications can even be sent based on the location of the tutor. You can select the default location on the job, and then send out the notification to only the tutors that live within that area. This will help get your notifi cations to those who are more likely to apply to them.