What Superheroes Can Teach Us About Running a Tutoring Business

What Superheroes Can Teach Us About Running a Tutoring Business:




What Superheroes Can Teach Us About Running a Tutoring Business

If you’re in charge of a tutoring business, chances are that you pick up more than a few things from the kids that your company works with. Spending so much time around people of a younger generation is bound to teach you more than you ever wanted to know about the latest movies, music, fashions and gadgets, because you know that in order to relate to the people you’re tutoring, you have to be able to “speak their language” and reach them on a more personal level. That’s why so many people who work with kids can speak for hours about superheroes – from Batman to Spider-Man, Superman to Wonder Woman, there’s always more to know about the latest heroes from movies, comic books and TV shows. Interestingly, superheroes can teach you something too; listening to what the stories are saying tells you important tips and tricks about how to run your tutoring business.

1. Like Batman, innovate.

tutoring businessBatman wasn’t born with a superpower – he created it through his own genius and innovation (as well as, of course, some capital that he invested at the beginning into making his suit as well as his Batmobile). As someone who runs a tutoring business, you will constantly have to work to keep up with the latest models of teaching, and as a result you have to be able to adapt and innovate to fit your tutoring style to what people want to see.

2. Like Spider-Man, hang in there.

Times will get tough, but like Spider-Man, you need to master the art of sticking it out – in the superhero’s case, quite literally. That means that you shouldn’t resort to panic-induced methods of dealing with stressful times for your business, such as cutting back on your employees or trying to fundamentally change your business model. Instead, stay with it and see how things change in the long run before making drastic decisions.

3. Like Wonder Woman, have a “lasso of truth”.

tutoring businessOne of Wonder Woman’s superpowers is to tell when people are lying to her using a lasso that she ropes people with – and although you can’t have this exact tool, you can draw an analogy between demanding the truth and asking for respect from your employees. This is crucial in a people-based business like tutoring where you have to interact not only with your employees, but with the kids that you tutor and the parents of those kids. As a result, make sure your employees are respectful of your company policies and truly care about the business.